Dissertation Seminar in Primary Section
At midday of 11th March, all faculty members of Anqing Foreign Language School’s Primary Department convened the ‘Efficient Classroom Teaching’ dissertation seminar at the merging classroom so as to stimulate teachers’ enthusiasm in teaching& research in addition to boost the quality of teaching entirely. The meeting was hosted by Director Zhao Xinlong. Seven teacher representatives Wang Juan, Wang Qingqing, Wu Fei, Gao Huimin, Yu Minxu, Xu Degao, Zhao Xinlong successively talked freely on the significance of efficient classroom teaching in combination with their practical experience in education. Furthermore, they analyzed how to establish high efficient teaching from professional perspectives.
Principal Huang Zuning concluded the meeting by summarizing that teachers should be guided to feasibly work out the issue of deficiency and treat classroom discipline from principles of management as well as sociology.
Through this one-and-a-half-hour seminar, all staff maintained favorable spirit state from beginning to end by listening, recording and thinking earnestly.
Overall, although the conference was concluded, teachers’ enthusiasm towards the seminar sustained and all staff reflected positively on classroom teaching in order to seek deficiency, remedy disparity and constantly strive for enhancing quality of education& teaching.