2015-2016 School Opening Working Conference
Everything looks fresh and gay at the beginning of the new year. At 10 A.M. on 19th February, 2016, at the Lecture Hall of the east campus, all teaching and administrative staff of Anqing Foreign Language School gathered together, observing the grand opening of 2015-2016 second semester school opening working conference.
In order to carry out various education& teaching activities in the new semester, Principal Madam Huang Wenli delivered a keynote speech entitled ‘Rushing,2016’ with three parts.
In the first place, Madam Principal retrospected highlights of 2015-2016 academic year with regard to many aspects such as moral education, labor union, Primary Section, Junior High Division, Senior High Division, International Department, training programmes, publicity, recruitment, logistics, school bus pick-up arrangements, refectory, dormitories and doorkeepers. During the first term, we have been making progress and striving.
In the second place, triumphant news kept pouring in in that teachers carried off more prizes to demonstrate their elegant demeanour to society.
In the third place, Madam Principal presented key objectives& emphases in work of the scond semester and stressed that we were supposed to lay emphasis on connotation, prioritize routine work, make boarding service exquisite, break through difficulties as well as innovate management guiding principles.
In summary, Principal Madam Huang Wenli concluded the conference with a verselet ‘Immensely proud, we came back with fruitful results. Golden Monkeys advanced bravely by auspicious clouds. We broke open a way through brambles& thorns and harvested innumerable rich fruits.’ Madam Principal’s speech inspired all staff and we shall greet the upcoming new semester with full enthusiasm from the very beginning. With grand spectacle and wielding brush, Anqing Foreign Language School is bound to have a more glorious and magnificent future!